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GERMANY: Open PhD positions in Physics at IMPRS

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Application and Admission

To apply for a place in the IMPRS Elementary Particle Physics Ph.D.
program you need to have a Diploma Degree or a Master of Science
Degree in Physics with excellent results, a written Diploma or Master
of Science THESIS documenting at least about 6 months of research,
very good English language skills. You have to fill out and to submit
the electronic Application Form.

You will receive a confirmation email upon successful submission.
Please contact us if this is NOT the case. Without this form, your
application will NOT be considered.
Your application has to contain: your CV in pdf (preferred) or doc
format, your certificates (such as the Diploma or the Master of
Science Degree and your grades) as a zipped or a gzipped tar file
(preferred) or as paper copies, two letters of recommendation.

Note that we will NOT approach your referees. YOU have to ask your
referees to send to us these letters directly by email (imprs(AT) (preferred) or by postal mail so that they arrive before
the deadline.

Incomplete Applications will not be considered!

The next deadline for applications is January 5th, 2009

Postal mail address:
Max-Planck-Institut für Physik
IMPRS EPP c/o F. Rudert
Föhringer Ring 6
80805 München

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