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  1. I found certain mistakes in answer key

  2. I found certain mistakes in answer key Code A (HSST Physics) Q.No. 4, 7,19, 21, 38, 49, 88,93 .Please check and comment

  3. The HSST Physics exam started after 9 a.m. in Kozhikode District i.e. after the completion of the same in other districts.

  4. It is learned that the conduct of HSST & NVT Physics( Jr&Sr ) at Model HSS,Kozhikkode on 01-08-2012 involves high irregularities. According to the information from the candidates and from news papers the examination was conducted violating all rules and many candidates availed unlawful advantages. A re-exam is absolutely necessary.

  5. question no 16,29,31,33,60,82,and 83 of code A Of given ansers are wrong or confusing...

  6. . 4 i think B IS WRITE ANSWER OK?19 C IS CORRECT... you are write all rotating molecules producing microwave spectrum SO 21 B IS WRITE... 38 C IS CORRECT. REST I DONT KNOW..... WE SHOULD COMPLAIN TO PSC, OTHERWISE THEY DONT TAKE ACTION OR CHANGE THE ANSWERS

    1. i think 4B&70C are correct answers.but these questions,answers are eliminated in the final answer key ,it should be complaint .am i right?


  8. In general, good conductors such as metals have an essentially infinite permittivity. Finite permittivities are normally associated with dielectric materials that have bound internal charge. Much of the internal charge of metals are free to roam, and will do so in the presence of an external electric field to cancel the electric field within the metal. Hence, metals (such as silver, copper, and gold) polarize extremely strongly and thereby have an infinite permittivity." SO for queston no 7 c is also correct

  9. i think 4B&70C(alpha codeB)are correct answers but these are excluded from final key without proper should be complained to i right?

  10. In which year will the hsst physics exam will be conducted.anybody please answer


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