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CMC Vellore MD/MS/Dip NB / Diploma Admissions 2008

► CMC Vellore MD/MS/Dip NB / Diploma Admissions 2008

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Christian Medical College, Vellore (CMC) invites applications for Medical PG Courses (MD/MS/Dip NB / Diplomas) in various subjects including

Anaesthesia, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Clinical Pathology, Community Medicine, ENT, Family Medicine, General Medicine, General Surgery, Microbiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedics, Paediatrics, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Psychiatry, Radiodiagnosis, Radiotherapy, Respiratory Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, Medical Physics,

Application forms can be accessed on-line from the College website on

http://home. cmcvellore. ac. in/admissions/admin.htm

and submitted with a basic administrative fee of Rs 500/. Application forms are also available by post from the Office of the Registrar on payment of Rs.500/-. Pay as indicated below and send the DD, the

original Challan or receipt to:

Office of the Registrar,

CMC, Thorapadi PO,

Vellore 632002.

State your full postal address with Pin-code. Mention your telephone number and email address if available. No additional money, stamps or envelopes are required. Candidates applying from abroad (other than SAARC countries) should send a Demand Draft for Fifty US Dollars or its equivalent. Applications are also available at the following post offices in Vellore: Bagayam , Vellore HO and CMC Town Campus

Money can be remitted using any of the following methods:

(1) As a challan at no extra cost at any branch of ICICI bank in India. Please mention FC-CMC-V on the challan. (Send

original challan)

(2) As a challan in any CORE BANKING branch of the State Bank of India, payable to A/c No 10507877084 favouring

C.M.C. Vellore Association. (Send original challan)

(3)Demand draft in favour of "C.M.C. Vellore Association a/c" on any scheduled bank, payable in Vellore.


3 Dec 2007 Last date for receipt of completed application forms

22 Dec 2007 Last date for receipt of completed sponsorship forms

5 Jan 2008 Written test in centres allotted

10 Jan 2008 Announcement of list of candidates who qualify for interviews

29 Jan 2008 Interviews in Town Campus, Vellore.

30 Jan 2008 Announcement of final selection list.

31 Jan 2008 Acceptance by 8.00 am ; Medical Check up by appointment

1 Feb 2008 Application for supplementary selection Invitation (see website)

29 Feb 2008 Last date for registration

1 Mar 2008 Courses begin


MD / MS / Dip.N.B. / Diplomas

Candidates having qualified for the M.B.B.S Degree of Madras University or any other University recognised as equivalent by the Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical University and the Indian Medical Council and obtained full registration and having completed their compulsory rotating residential internship before the starting date of the courses, are eligible to apply for the postgraduate diploma and degree courses.

Candidates having qualified for a postgraduate diploma may also apply for the postgraduate degree (MS/MD) course in the same subject. Post Diploma candidates with a diploma in the same subject will undergo 2 years training for the degree.

Note: Those who complete a DCP will not have this benefit for MD Pathology.

Those applying for Dip.N.B. (except Family Medicine) are required to have cleared the primary examination of the NBE or have a recognised diploma in the same subject to be eligible for admission. Those with a service obligation will need to have completed the same by the stipulated date of joining.

Residency in Medical Physics

MSc degree in Medical Physics or a Post-graduate diploma in Hospital Physics (Dip R.P) from BARC, Mumbai.

Rules governing Sponsored candidates:

Candidates who were sponsored for the M.B.B.S /Diploma/Degree courses in this institution and are now applying for postgraduate course will be governed by the following regulations:

a) They should have fulfilled their obligation to serve the sponsoring body for periods as under, before the postgraduate courses begin:

Students sponsored for M.B.B.S./Diploma courses - 2 Years

Students sponsored for P.G. Degree courses - 3 Years

b) They must submit with their application, a copy of the sponsorship obligation completion certificate issued by the appropriate authority of the sponsoring body, which must state the dates of commencement and completion (or expected date of completion) of obligatory service as well as the period and categories of their leave allowed and availed.

c) Any candidate who was sponsored to the M.B.B.S. course in this institution is required to serve the concerned sponsoring body for a period of not less than two years before being considered for selection to any postgraduate course. Any remaining service period in excess of two years that may have been agreed upon towards sponsorship for the M.B.B.S. course may be completed at a later date with the written permission of the sponsoring body, provided the candidate is re-sponsored for

the postgraduate course by the same sponsoring body.

d) When a candidate is sponsored for admission to a postgraduate course, the candidate must sign an agreement to serve the sponsoring body for a period of two years following diploma courses and three years following degree courses. If the sponsoring body is unable to utilise the service of such a candidate, the College will reserve the right to utilise the candidate's obligatory service. The service obligation for sponsorship should only be in terms of service and not financial compensation. However, if a sponsored student seeks relief from the service obligation agreement due to extraordinary circumstances, the request will be considered on merits. Marriage, securing a job outside the country or being selected for a postgraduate course elsewhere are not considered extraordinary circumstances. Students who do not fulfil the service obligation will not be eligible for admission to postgraduate studies or appointment as the staff of Christian Medical College, Vellore. They will not be given any certificates other than those statutorily

mandated by the University and Indian Medical Council.

e) Candidates sponsored to postgraduate courses should have served a minimum period of two years at any position in one or more mission hospitals of any of the supporting bodies of this institution after graduation.

f) Sponsorship will be on the basis of the need of the Sponsoring Body to have trained personnel for their Mission work. The Sponsoring body must give an undertaking that the speciality exists or will be created and also ensure that a post will be available when the candidate graduates. NO FEES OR DONATION are to be paid for

this other than the stipulated sponsorship fee, which should not exceed Rs.250/-.

g) In exceptional cases of need, the sponsoring body may recommend to the College to consider selecting a candidate for a postgraduate course at an earlier date, postponing the service obligation arising out of sponsorship for a Diploma/MD/MS course. Such a request will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the

Director, Principal and Medical Superintendent. They will communicate their decision to the Selection Committee.


The selection of candidates for postgraduate courses will be according to the directives of the CMC Vellore Council.

Fifty percent of the seats in each course are reserved for sponsored candidates, provided they fulfill other criteria for eligibility for admission. However, more than 50% of the available seats may be allotted to sponsored candidate based on their ranking in the selection test. The wait list is based on ranking in the selection tests. The first sponsored candidate on the waiting list will ordinarily fill vacancies arising by sponsored candidates not accepting a seat to make up 50% reservation for sponsored candidates. In the event that more than 50% of the seats in any

course are filled by sponsored candidates and one of the sponsored candidates does not accept the seat, it will be offered to the next candidate on the wait list by rank irrespective of whether he or she is sponsored or open. No admissions will be made to the Degree and Diploma University courses after 31st May 2008. Candidates for the

DipNB courses may continue to be admitted until the last date specified by the National Board of Examinations PROVIDED they are not vacating another University registered seat.

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