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Indian Institute of Astrophysics - ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES - 2009

► Indian Institute of Astrophysics - ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES - 2009

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Indian Institute of Astrophysics



1. Ph. D Programme
2. Integrated Ph. D Programme in Physics and Astrophysics in collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU)
3. Integrated M. Tech. - Ph. D (Tech.) Programme in Astronomical Instrumentation in collaboration with University of Calcutta (CU)

Selected candidates will be offered fellowship / stipend as per the norms of the Institute along with an annual book grant, accommodation and medical facilities.

Letters of Recommendation must also be received by the 25thApril, 2009

The qualifying degree requirements of the various programmes are listed Here. If the degree 
requirements are met the candidate may apply to one programme only (choose only one from the drop down menu).

Application Form to appear for interview (for those who have qualified through JEST/NET/GATE)

Programme * 

Research fields

Sun and the solar system: Solar activity, planets, comets, solar terrestrial physics
Stellar physics: Formation and evolution of stars, brown dwarfs, star clusters, planetary nebulae, stellar atmospheres, stellar variability,
novae, supernovae
Extragalactic astronomy: Star formation in galaxies, activity in galaxies, groups and clusters of galaxies, gamma-ray burst events
Theoretical astrophysics and related physics: Magneto-hydrodynamics and radiative processes in astrophysical objects, pulsars,
black hole physics, structure and dynamics of galaxies, relativity, cosmology, atomic and molecular physics
Instrumentation: Back-end instruments for the various observing facilities, space astronomy payloads


Kodaikanal Observatory, Kodaikanal
Vainu Bappu Observatory, Kavalur
Gauribidanur Radio Observatory, Gauribidanur
Indian Astronomical Observatory, Hanle
Center for Research and Education in Science & Technology, Hosakote
Library and computing facilities
The Institute plans to set up a 2 m class solar telescope at a high altitude site and develop a space coronagraph

For further details visit IIA Website .

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