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BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY, COIMBATORE Admission to M.Phil. and Ph.D. P rogrammes

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► BHARATHIAR UNIVERSITY, COIMBATORE Admission to M.Phil. and Ph.D. P rogrammes

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The BharathiarUniversity was established by the Government of Tamil Nadu in the Year 1982, under the Bharathiar University Act I of 1981 (Tamil Nadu University Act I of 1982). The University was recognized by the U.G.C for the purpose of the award of grants, in 1985. The University is a member of the Association of Indian Universities and the Association of Commonwealth Universities. It is of an affiliating type, with jurisdiction over the revenue district of Coimbatore, Nilgiris and Erode. It has at present 143 Affiliated Colleges including 49 Colleges of Education. 85 Arts and Science Colleges, 1 Air Force Administrative College, 8 Institutions of Information Science & Management and 18 Research Institutions.
The University is situated at the foot of the Maruthamalai Hills about 12 kms from the city of Coimbatore, in a sprawling campus of around 1000 acres. The atmosphere is quite serene and is ideal for intellectual pursuits. The campus has a number of architecturally designed buildings, which house the various Teaching and Research Departments, the Library, the Internet Centre, the Administrative Offices, the Hostels and the Canteen.
The University has 13 schools and 36 Departments on Campus, dedicated to teaching and research, which include the Bharathiar School of Management and Entrepreneur Development and the School of Distance Education. All the Departments /Schools are manned by highly qualified and experienced faculty members.
The University follows Choice Based Credit System and semester pattern of instruction for all the Post – graduate courses. Each semester is having a minimum of ninety working days. The University Examinations are conducted at the end of each semester.


I.School of Life Sciences
1. Department of Non - Conventional Energy Resources
2.Department of Botany
3.Department of Bio-informatics
4.Department of Environmental Sciences
5.Department of Zoology

II.School of Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
6.Department of Microbial Bio - technology
7.Department of Genetic Engineering
8.Department of Bio - technology

III.School of Commerce
9.Department of Finance and Accounting
10.Department of Commerce

IV.11. Bharathiar School of Management and Entrepreneur & Development

V. School of Chemical Sciences
12.Department of Chemistry

VI.School of Computer Science & Engineering
13.Department of Computer Applications
14.Department Computer Science
15.Department of Information Technology

VII.School of Educational Studies
16.Department of Communication & Media Studies
17.Department of Education
18.Department of Educational Technology
19.Department of Physical Education

VIII.School of Physical Sciences
20.Department of Material Science
21.Department of Medical Physics
22.Department of Physics
23.Department of Nanoscience and Technology
24.Department of University Science & Instrumentation

IX.School of Economics
25.Department of Economics.

X. School of Mathematics and Statistics
26. Department of Mathematics
27.Department of Mathamatics with Computer Applications
28.Department of Statistics

XI.School of Social Science
29.Department Social Work
30.Department of Women Studies
31.Department of Sociology and Population Studies
32.Department of Psychology
33.Department of Extension, Career Guidance and Student Welfare

XII.School of Tamil and other Indian Languages
34.Department of Tamil

XIII.School of English and other Foreign Languages
35.Department of Linguistics
36.Department of Foreign Languages
37.Department of English

XIV.Other Subjects
38. Library Science (Library)
39. Public Administration (ASC)

AFFILIATED COLLEGES AND PROGRAMMES OFFERED (Please Refer Prospectus for detailed list)

II. 1. M.Phil. Programme
1. Candidates with Master's Degree of Bharathiar University in the concerned or related discipline or any other qualification recognized as equivalent thereto by the Syndicate of Bharathiar University. All candidates should have passed two year Post Graduate degree course after 3-year Bachelor's degree course and Higher Secondary course of 2-year duration after 10-year SSLC or one year Pre-degree after 11-year S.S.L.C.
Further candidates who have passed the PG degraee examination with less than 17 years of total duration of study are not eligible for admission to M.Phil. programme.
a) Candidates belonging to the following categories are eligible to register for M.Phil (Full-Time) programme.
i) Candidates with 55% of marks and above in the Master's degree in the concerned or related discipline; for SC/ST candidates, 50% of marks in PG Course is sufficient.
ii) Candidates with 55% ( 5% relaxation for SC/ST candidates in the minimum eligibility marks) of marks and above in the Master's degree the concerned or related discipline and working as Full – Time Research Assistants in timebound Research schemes or one year duration or more, in University Departments, Research Departments of Affiliated Colleges / Recognized Research Institutions.

b) Candidates belonging to the following categories are eligible to register for M.Phil. (Part-Time) programme.
i) Any person employed in any concern / organization / institution situated within the jurisdiction of the State of Tamilnadu or Reasearch Institutions situated outside the State of Tamilnadu recognized by Bharathiar University with a minimum of 55% of Marks in the Master's Degree. Such candidates shall produce a No Objection Certificate from the Employer or Head of the Institution (in case of Educational Institutions)
ii) All teachers working in colleges affiliated to BharathiarUniversity with qualification approval are eligible.
iii) Candidates working in college affiliated to Universities other than BharathairUniversity have to produce a No Objection Certificate from the Head of the Institution / University.

2. Duration
M.Phil. : Full – time
The duration of the M.Phil. Full-Time programme shall extend over a period of one academic year (twelve months) consisting of two semesters commencing from September 1st.

M.Phil. : Part – time
The duration of the M.Phil. Part-time programme shall extend over a period of two academic years commencing from 1st September.

The maximum period for completion of the M.Phil.programme is two years in the case Full – time candidates, and three years in the case of Part-Time candidates.

3. Course of Study
The course of study for the M.Phil. degreeprogramme shall consist of three written paperps under Part I and a Dissertation under Part II of the Programme.

(i) Theory Papers (under Part I)
Paper I Teaching Techniques / Pedagogical Methods Paper II Research Methodology and Trends in the concerned discipline Paper III Special Paper (Pertaining to the area of specialization chosen by the Candidate under a guide) The Part I examinations shall be conducted during February/March and August/ September every year.

(ii) Dissertation (under Part II)
Candidates shall be required to choose a research problem in his/her chosen area of research and submit a dissertation incorporating the results of his /her investigation, carriedout under the supervision of a recognized supervisor

4. Registration
All Candidates who are admitted into the M.Phil. programme (Full-Time or Part-Time) will be registered to do research in a particular topic under the supervision of a recognized supervisor.
Candidates shall be registered for M.Phil. programme during only one session in a year, commencing on the first day of September, subject to the condition that the candidate so registered, shall be permitted to appear for Part I examination only after completing the minimum period of six months, in the case of full-time registration and twelve months, in the case of part-time registration.

A candidate applying for registration shall do so, specifying the broad field of research, which shall normally be one related to the field of specialization chosen in his/her PG degree.

5. Guidance :
Every candidate admitted into the M.Phil./ Ph.D. Research programme shall be registered under a qualified and recognized guide in the Department / Institution, where the candidate is admitted for the research programme. The research guide shall guide the candidates, throughout his/her research programme and monitor his / her progress.

A guide recognized for Ph.D. programme can guide at any point of time not more than 8 Ph.D. candidates & 4 M.Phil. candidates and a guide recognized for M.Phil. programme can guide at any point of time not more than 4 M.Phil. Candidates.

6.Procedure for Securing Admission to Research Programmes
Candidates desirous of seeking admission to the above said Research Programmes offered in the University Departments, Affiliated Colleges and Recognised Research Institutions should apply for admission in the prescribed application form, to be obtained from the Registrar, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore – 641 046 on payment of Rs.250/- for M.Phil and Rs. 300/- for Ph.D. in the form of a Bank of India Challan credited to the General Fund Accounts of Bharathiar University or a Demand Draft on a Nationalised Bank drawn in favour of the Registrar, Bharathiar University, Payable at Coimbatore, with a requisition indicating clearly, the Programme (M.Phil. or Ph.D.,) for which the application is required.

The candidates before applying are advised to ascertain the availability of vacancies in the concerned Departments / Colleges or with the Guide, where the candidates proposes to register for the Research Programme. Candidates shall apply for the M.Phil. / Ph.D. programme only after qualifying for their Post-graduate degree, before the last date, failing which their applications will be rejected.

7. How to Apply
The Application consists of two copies:
First Copy: To be submitted by the candidates to the University. (Incase of downloaded application along with the cost of application and Registration Fee of Rs. 250 and 300/- for M.Phil. and Ph.D. respectively).

Second Copy: To be sent by the candidates to the Colleges / University department concerned along with the Xerox copy of the remittance proof of payment of the cost of application and Registration Fee. The College shall make use of the second copy of the application for selecting the candidates. HereafterUniversity will not send applications to the concerned colleges / Departments.

The applications should be accompanied by properly attested Photo Copies of the following certificates:
1. Mark / Grade Certificate of the qualifying Post Graduate (PG) course.
2. Provisional / Degree Certificates of the under Graduate (UG) and Post- Graduate Courses. (PG)
3. Transfer and Conduct Certificate (issued by the Institution last studied)
4. Community Certificate
5. Service Certificate issued by the Employer (in the case of candidates applying for part-time Programme, specifying the total duration of the service put in by the candidates in their organization)
6. No objection Certificate issued by the Head of the Institution / Employer (in the case of candidates applying for part-time Programme)
7. Qualification approval letter issued by this University (in the case of teacher candidates, working in Unaided Colleges / Unaided Departments in the aided colleges, applying for part-time Programme).

The applications submitted by candidates for getting admission into a particular Institution / College cannot be transferred to another Institution / College. If the candidate wishes to apply for admission in more than one College / Department, he / She shall submit separate applications for each College / Department.

The applications submitted for admission to Ph.D. programme cannot be transferred to M.Phil. Course and Vice-versa. Once the application submitted to the University / Colleges for a particular session shall not be considered for subsequent session(s).

Incase, the programme to which applied is not offered in the concerned Institution, the application will be rejected.

8. Selection Procedure
The following will be the Selection Procedure:
1. The eligible candidates will be ranked according to the marks secured in the qualifying examinations and personal interview conducted to assess the aptitude of the candidate for research and his/her academic competence and subject to satisfying the eligibility conditions.
2. The selection committee shall consist of the HOD and eligible guides of the faculty.
3. After the students have been admitted the guides be allotted in the eligible guides meeting. The same be intimated and a copy be sent to the Registrar, along with the waiting list in the specified proforma.
4. The University shall verify the originals submitted by the candidates and the colleges shall be informed to bring the same for verification on a particular date.
5. The College and departments should also notify the existing vacancies in their common notice board and department notice boards and publish the same in the website so as to enable the students to apply for the disciplines of their choice.
6. Depending on the number of vacancies the candidates will be selected by following the communal reservations as prescribed by the Government of Tamilnadu i.e.
a. 31% for Open Competition
b. 30% for Backward Classes within this 3.5% for Muslims and 3.5% for Christians.
c. 20% for Most Backward Classes and Denotified, tribes.
d. 18% for Scheduled Castes and 1% for Scheduled Tribes.

The candidates will be selected for admission to the Research Programme based on their academic performance conducted to assess the aptitude of the candidate for research and his/her academic competence subject to satisfying the eligibility conditions.

The candidates selected for admission to the M.Phil./Ph.D. programmes in the University Departments shall be required to submit the Original transfer certificate and conduct certificate, issued by the Institution last studied, statements of marks and Provisional/Degree certificates of Post Graduate and M.Phil. Degree Courses. The certificates once surrendered will not be returned to the candidates till the completion of the research programme. Hence, the candidates are advised to retain with them sufficient number of attested photocopies of the certificates, before surrendering the originals.

III. Ph.D. Programme
1. Eligibility
For purposes of admission to the Ph.D. Programme, a candidate should have obtained a Master's Degree with a minimum of 55% (5% relaxation for SC/ST candidates in the minimum eligibility) marks in the qualifying examinations (10+2+3+2 system) or Teachers working in Colleges affiliated to BharathiarUniversity.

Admission for Ph.D. programme can be made four times in a year, i.e., January, April, July and October. Candidates should submit their applications on or before first working day of quarter, viz January, April, July and October.

A candidate who has qualified for the Master's Degree in the faculties of Arts, Sciences, Fine Arts, Commerce, Education, Social Science of this University or equivalent thereto is eligible to register for the Full- Time /Part-Time Ph.D. programme.

. Full-Time
Full-Time (with or without stipend or fellowship) / Research fellows / Research Assistants/Technical Assistants and project Assistants appointed in the research projects funded by recognized agencies / Government are also eligible to register for Ph.D. on a fulltime basis in the same department provided they satisfy the eligibility criteria laid in.
. Part-Time (teacher or non-teacher) The candidates possessing any one of the above qualifications and falling under any of the following categories are eligible to register for Ph.D. Part-time programme.

. "A teacher with a minimum two years of experience working in the Department of the University or of an affiliated College of this University / Higher Secondary School / High School / Polytechnic / Colleges affiliated to other universities (in subjects other than Engineering, Medicine, Law and Agriculture within the territorial Jurisdiction of this university)."
. Any Chartered Accountant / cost Accountant / Company Secretary and other professionals with minimum period of three years of experience after obtaining their professional qualification is eligible for Ph.D. registration. The subject for registration may be the same as that of the professional qualifications in the case of ACA / AICWA / ACS. The guides may be from the department of Commerce / Management Studies / Economics and concerned subjects.
For candidate other than a teacher candidate, any permanent staff in a Government Office / Private / Public Ltd. Company, a recognized factory / institution / research institution / business with a minimum period of three years of administrative experience in the relevant job after obtaining the Master's degree with a minimum of 50% of marks in the qualifying examination (staff includes Board of Directors, Proprietor and Partner) are eligible for Ph.D. registration in the relevant discipline.

. Recognized factory means an industrial establishment and regulated by the factories Act.
. Recognized institution means any institution registered with the Registrar of Societies and has been duly audited by a recognized auditor for the last three years from the date of application and duly supported by an audit certificate.
. Recognized business means a business organization duly registered with commercial Tax Department and three years standing in their business.
. Private / Public Ltd. Company registered under the Companies Act.

Teachers with M.Phil.or equivalent qualification, working in the Departments of this University or in colleges affiliated to this University with atleast four years of teaching / research experience after obtaining M.Phil. degree, may register for Ph.D. without a guide, as part-time scholars.

However, those registered under this category of independent registration, can opt to work under a recognized guide at any stage after registration, with the prior permission of the University and on payment of a 'status change fee'.

Caution Deposit (Subject to change) : Rs.7,200/- (Refundable). Room rent Rs.250/-per month.
Mess, Welfare, Power, Water and Miscellaneous charges are on dividing basis.

A number of scholarships are available for BC, MBC, SC / ST candidates admitted to the M.Phil. / Ph.D. full-time programmes in the University Departments.

A number of fellowships like University Research Fellowships, Fellowships offered by the University Grants Commission, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, Indian Council of Social Sciences Research (ICSSR) and Junior Research Fellowships and Senior Research Fellowships are available to the students admitted to the Ph.D. full-time programmes in the University Departments.





Last date for receipt of Application

M. Phil. Programme


Session/s effective from: 1st September

30th June

Ph.D. Programme


Sessions effective from:



1st July

30th April


1st October

31st July


1st January

31st October


1st April

31st January

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