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LIGO Laboratory at California Institute of Technology hosts a 10-week summer student research program every year, called the LIGO SURF Program. In consideration of the upcoming LIGO-India project, LIGO has graciously agreed to host a few talented and motivated undergraduate students from Indian institutions, pre-selected by IndIGO, as part of this program.

The program encourages undergraduate students to participate in the development of gravitational-wave astronomy through the LIGO Project. Selected students will work on summer research projects either at the Caltech campus in Pasadena, California or at the LIGO Observatory sites in Washington or Louisiana. The program runs from June 19 through August 24, 2018. Considering the fact that the summer vacation period in major Indian undergrad institutions start early, LIGO/Caltech has agreed to host the Indian students during the period May 15 - July 30, 2018. The dates are non-negotiable.

Online applications should be submitted before the deadline of 4 February 2018. The applicants should also arrange two recommendation letters to be sent directly to the e-mail ligosurf (at) gw-indigo (dot) org prior to the deadline.

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