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Workshop Series in Theoretical Physics
organized by APT

Series I : Mathematical Physics
Workshop I : Complex Analysis

Dates : November 1, 2 (Saturday and Sunday)
Venue : Christ College, Irinjalakuda

Resource Person : Dr. S V M Satyanarayana,
Dept. of Physics, Pondicherry Central University

Topics : Analytic functions, Cauchy integral theorem, Singularities, Taylor and Laurent series expansion, Contour integration, Analytic continuation.

Text :Mathematical Methods for Physicists by Arfken and Weber

Plan of the workshop : On each day, there will be two one-and-half-hour classes in the forenoon and tutorial sessions in the afternoon. The tutorial sessions will be exclusively for solving the problems and clearing the doubts. As residential facility would be provided to the outstation participants, the tutorial sessions would be extended on the first day to provide sufficient opportunity for the participants to discuss their doubts.

Target audience : Those who teach physics at PG and UG levels

Desirable : The participants can try to read the relevant sections in the suggested text and attempt to solve some exercise problems (if not, at least, worked examples) so that their reception and interaction will be more effective during the workshop.

Registration : Last date : October 20, 2014

Prof. Jayaraj M K President, APT
Prof. Shaju K Y Secretary, APT
Prof G.Harikrishnan Coordinator
- Physics Kerala

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