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Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, TIFR, Graduate School Admissions, GS-2014

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Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
(Deemed University)

The Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is India's premier institution for advanced research in fundamental sciences. The Institute runs a graduate programme leading to the award of Ph.D., Integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. as well as M.Sc. degreee in certain subjects. With its distinguished faculty, world class facilities and stimulating research environment, it is an ideal place for aspiring scientists to initiate their career.
The Graduate Programme at TIFR is classified into the following Subjects - Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer and Systems Sciences (including Communications and Applied Probability) and Science Education. It is conducted at the Mumbai campus and various National Centres of TIFR.
Important Dates
Publication of Notification:
University News Journal : September 2, 2013
Current Science Journal : September 10, 2013
Employment News : September 14, 2013
Nationwide Entrance Examination:
Sunday, December 8, 2013
Last date for application: October 20, 2013
Online payment link will be active upto October 27, 2013
DDs sent by post/courier will be accepted upto October 31, 2013
GATE Scored based applications to Systems Science (including Communications and Applied Probability):
Opens on : February 1, 2014
Closes on : Two weeks after the GATE 2014 results are displayed on their website.
Results of the Nationwide Entrance Examination:
January 15, 2014
  • Mathematics:
  • For Ph.D. (Mumbai): M.Sc./B.E./B.Tech./M.Tech./M.A./ B.A./B.Sc.
  • For Ph.D. (Bengaluru): M.A./M.Sc./M.Tech.
  • For I-Ph.D. (Bengaluru): B.A./B.Sc./B.E./B.Tech. degree holders.
  • Students who wish to apply for the Ph.D. programme at CAM, Bengaluru will have to select Ph.D. Mumbai in the application form. Further, in the application, they can indicate their preference for being considered for the Ph.D. programme at CAM, Bengaluru.
  • Students applying for Ph.D. Mumbai and who are eligible for I-Ph.D. programme at Bangalore can indicate their preference in the application form for being considered for the I-Ph.D. program at CAM, Bengaluru.
  • Similarly students applying for I-Ph.D. Bangalore and who wish to be considered for Ph.D. Mumbai can indicate their preference in the application form.
  • Physics:
  • For Ph.D.: M.Sc.(Physics)/B.Tech. (Engineering Physics)
  • For I-Ph.D.: B.Sc./B.E./M.E./M.Tech./B.Chem. or equivalent degreee in Science / Engingeering / Medicine, M.Sc. (not in Physics)/B.Tech. (not in Engineering Physics).
  • In addition,
  • I-Ph.D. candidates with four or more years of university education who clear the written test may be considered by TCIS for their Ph.D. program.
  • I-Ph.D. candidates with an engineering degree who clear the written test may be considered by NCRA for their Ph.D. program.
  • Chemistry:For Ph.D.: M.Sc./B.E./B.Tech./M.Tech./B.Pharm./M.Pharm. B.Sc. candidates with advanced knowledge of the discipline are also eligible to apply.
  • For Ph.D. Program in TCIS: M.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry or Biology.
  • Biology:
  • For Ph.D.: Masters in Basic Science or Bachelors in Applied Science. These include, M.Sc.(Ag.), B.Tech., B.E., B.V.Sc., B.Pharma. (4 years course), MBBS, BDS, M.Pharma. Candidates will be short-listed for interview based on written test marks, CV and Scientific Writeup.
  • For I-Ph.D./M.Sc.: Bachelors in any Basic Science.
  • For M.Sc. Wildlife Biology and Conservation: Indian nationals who have a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline (with a minimum of 50% in core subjects), less than 35 years of age as on July 1, 2014 and a strong interest in wildlife research and conservation. Graduate nationals of South and Southeast Asian countries, with similar qualifications, are also eligible to apply.
  • For Ph.D. Program in TCIS: M.Sc. in Physics, Chemistry or Biology.
  • Computer and System Sciences (including Communications and Applied Probability):
  • For Ph.D. : B.E./B.Tech./M.E./M.Tech./M.C.A./M.Sc. degree holders in Computer Science / Information Technology / Electronics and Communications Engineering / Electrical Engineering. Exceptionally well qualified students with B.E./B.Tech./ M.E./M.Tech./M.Sc. or equivalent degrees in other disciplines may also be considered.
Candidates not holding a Master's degree and admitted to a Ph.D./Int. Ph.D. program can receive an M.Sc. degree in some subjects by fulfilling prescribed requirements (see for details).
Application Procedure
Students can apply online. Please follow appropriate link on this website for filling up the application form. Read the instructions carefully before you start filling up the online application form.
Manual Applications: Students from remote areas who do not have access to internet may apply manually. They may send a request for application form (without DD) along with a self-addressed stamped (Rs 20/-) envelope (size 25cm x 17cm) superscribed "GS-2014 (Subject)" to :
For Biology: Admissions Section, NCBS, Bangalore .
For other subjects, except Science Education: Universvity Cell , TIFR, Mumbai.
The filled-in application form should be sent along with DD and two passport size photographs (one pasted on the application and one stapled to it).
Students may appear for the written test in multiple subjects if the timings do not clash. Please send separate application (including Demand Draft) for each subject. In case of online applicants, students will have to re-register with a different email id.
Students who wish to apply online and make payment by Demand Draft may send the Demand Draft with their name, reference code and telephone number written behind it. Alternately, students can make online payment through internet banking or by Debit/Credit Card.
For mailing address and contact information, please refer to the Contact Info link.
Apply Online
Before you choose Ph.D. or Integrated Ph.D. program in the basic registration form, please go through the eligibility criteria carefully.
Before you start filling up the complete application form make sure the following are ready with you :
1. A scanned image/electronic copy of your Passport size photograph (preferably a jpg file below 50kb in size). Applications with personal photos or edited photos uploaded will be rejected.
2. Demand Draft details (DD number, Bank, etc.) or Credit / Debit Card details for online payment of application fee.
3. Academic details.
Important Instructions: Your login username for our website would be the reference code that will be generated by the system on successful registration. Please save the email sent by the system after successful registration of your application.
If certain fields show error while registering, please try to modify the data and avoid using special characters such as . , ` ' ( ) / - etc.
If you intend to apply for multiple subjects, you will have to provide different email id for each application.
Check all the details before clicking the registration button. Ensure that you have typed your email ID correctly in the first part of the application. A auto email is sent after completion of the first part of the application wherein a link is provided to proceed further to fill the full application form.
You may take a print of your application after successful registration or save the same as a pdf file. Applicants wishing to pay by DD may send the DD by writing their reference code, name and telephone number behind it.
Applicants paying the application fee online will be directed to the payment gateway. Follow the instructions and complete the payment transaction. If the transaction is not completed due to technical reasons, you may login to your account and check the application/payment status. After successful completion of the transaction, please login to your account and check the payment status. If the payment is not complete, you may attempt paying online again. A maximum of five attempts are allowed for online payment.
Normally, online payments are received within 2 working days and a auto email is sent by the system acknowledging the payment. If your transaction has been successful and your account has been debited and you do not receive the acknowledgement email within 7 days, neither your payment status is updated in your account, you may write to the email ids as given in "contact info" section.
If you are unsuccessful with the online payment you can send us a Demand Draft by first filling up the DD details in the application form and then sending the DD by post/courier. Please write your reference code, name and telephone number behind the DD. Print of application is not required to be sent along with the DD.
Hall tickets will be issued or will be allowed to be generated from the student login account, only after the last date of receipt of applications, subject to receipt of payment.
Applying for Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry / Computer and Systems Sciences. Click here
Applying for Biology.Click here
Applying for Systems Science using GATE score : Click here
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