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PhD on ATLAS, Mainz University Germany

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Would you like to subscribe through facebook The Mainz ATLAS group has an opening for a PhD position to be filled immediately. With the startup of the LHC in 2009, students joining our group now will be able to participate in the hunt for the Higgs boson and for new physics at the LHC, as well as development of high-speed electronics for the SLHC upgrade of the ATLAS L1 trigger. Opportunities for a thesis in physics analysis exist in the areas of searches for the Standard Model Higgs boson, SUSY Higgs bosons and SUSY particles, with particular focus on extracting physics from the early ATLAS data. Close collaboration with the Mainz DØ group ensures the transfer of experience from working on similar analyses at a running hadron collider experiment. Students will have the opportunity for regular extended visits to CERN to contribute to the commissioning of the ATLAS experiment. For more information or to apply please contact Prof. V. Büscher ( PhD students can expect to receive a salary corresponding to E13/2 (net salary roughly 1000 Euro per month). No prior knowledge of German is required.

Contact: Volker Buescher
More information:

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