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PhDStudent “Structure-development during processing of semicrystalline polymers”

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► PhDStudent “Structure-development during processing of semicrystalline polymers”

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PhDStudent "Structure-development during processing of semicrystalline polymers"
Eindhoven, (Noord-Brabant), 40 hours per week Technische Universiteit Eindhoven

Job description
As PhD Student "Micromechanical modelling of the mechanical performance of semi-crystalline polymers" you will fulfill the following activities:
* Perform scientific research.
* Present results on international conferences and publish results in scientific journals.
* Report progress to the industrial user committee.
* Contribute to the educational program in the department.

University Graduate
We are looking for a candidate who meets the following requirements:
* MSc in Polymer Physics, Chemical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering.
* Strong background in experimental methods and polymer physics, with an interest in modelling.
* Knowledge of experimental characterization methods such as FTIR, X-ray, rheometry, different microscopic techniques and software to analyze and interpret the results.
* Good communication skills in English.

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven Department of Mechanical Engineering
The Department of Mechanical Engineering considers as the core of their activities design, realization and analysis of new products, processes and materials. Besides the basis of (solid and fluid) mechanics, materials, control and thermodynamics, parts of mathematics, physics, chemistry and computing science are important supporting tools. The field is explored by a combination of modeling using fundamental concepts and applied engineering and technology. Automotive Engineering Science and Micro- & Nano-Scale Engineering are important departemental themes. The Mechanical Engineering Department comprises about 1000 students and 250 staff members.
Conditions of employment
Estimated maximum salary per month: eur 2000 - 2500
Employment basis: Temporary for specified period
Duration of the contract: 4 jaar
Maximum hours per week: 40

Additional Information
Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from:

Prof. H. Meijer
Telephone number: +31(0)402474827
E-mail address: h.e.h.meijer[at]

Dr. G. Peters
Telephone number: +31(0)402474840
E-mail address: g.w.m.peters[at]

Or additional information can be obtained through one of the following links.
* About the organization (

You can apply for this job before 05-01-2008 by sending your application to:

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
W-hoog 1.124
A. Bruekers
Postbus 513
5600 MB Eindhoven
E-mail address: pzwtb[at]

When applying for this job always mention the vacancy number V35.385.
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