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Workshop 3 / Series 1 of APT (Academy of Physics Teachers) Workshop Series in Theoretical Physics

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► Workshop 3 / Series 1 of APT (Academy of Physics Teachers) Workshop Series in Theoretical Physics

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Workshop Series in Theoretical Physics
organized by APT

Series I : Mathematical Physics
The third workshop in the Mathematical Physics series is scheduled on 14th and 15th February at Union Christian College, Aluva. The topic is Tensor Analysis. Resource person : Dr. S V M Satyanarayana from Pondicherry Central University. 

Last date for registration : January 20.
The registration fee for APT life-members (for non-members, there is Rs.300/- extra in each category) :

Resident Participant : Rs.1100/-
Non-Resident Participant : Rs.700/-

For registration, kindly transfer the amount to the following SB account :

Account holder : SHAJU K Y
SB account number : 33518390497
Bank & Branch : SBI, Irinjalakuda
IFSC code : SBIN0008618

After transferring the amount, kindly send an e-mail notifying the transfer to ghkphysics or shajuky You may choose to send the cheque for the amount to  ShaJu K Y, Associate Professor, Department of Physics, Christ College, Irinjalakuda, Thrissur, Kerala 680125 (Ph : 9446721949). Those who would like to take APT life-membership may contact Dr. Shaju K Y, Secretary of APT (Academy of Physics Teachers). Those who have not registered for the APT Workshop Series in Theoretical Physics need to fill up the attached registration form and send the e-copy (.docx /.doc / .pdf format) to ghkphysics This is to ensure that you will receive the news of all the future workshops in this series.  

The local organizer of Workshop 3 is : Dr. Anila E I, Associate Professor, Dept. of Physics, U.C.College, Aluva.
Ph : 9645730534, E-mail : anilaei@
Kindly contact her with your requirements of accommodation.

Suggested Reading material : "Tensors" in Mathematical Methods for Physics and Engineering by Riley, Hobson and Bence [Chapter 26 in 3rd edition (2006), Cambridge University Press; chapter 19 in Cambridge low-price 1st edition (1999).] 

Details of classes :

Lecture 1: Multilinear Functionals

Linear, Bilinear and Multilinear functions, tensors, rank of a tensor, Cartesian tensors, Transformation properties, Tensor notation: free indices, repeated indices, Einstein summation.
Lecture 2: Tensor Algebra
Contravariant and Covariant tensors, Metric tensor, Mixed tensors, Symmetric and Antisymmetric tensors, Algebra of tensors, Contration, Quotient law, Kronicle delta and Levi Civita tensors, Isotropic tensors, Psuedo tensors,  Dual Tensors,

Lecture 3: Physical Applications of Tensors
Moment of Inertia tensor, dielectric constant tensor of a birefringent material, electrical conductivity tensor of a crystal, Maxwell stress tensor, Four vectors and Covariant form of (i) Charge continuity equation (ii) Maxwell's equation (iii) Klein Gordon equation and (iv) Dirac equation.
Lecture 4: Tensor Calculus
Tensor fields, Differentiation of tensor fields, Tensor fields in Curvilinear coordinates, Derivatives of basis vectors and Christoffel symbols, Covariant differentiation, Gradiant, Divergence and Curl in tensor notation, Geodesics.

Kindly spread the news among your friends.
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